Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

With extensive experience in this core area, we have provided services to projects of all sizes for the Oil & Gas sector.

SQS Global coverage and vast experience ensures the best qualified and commercially viable option for the Oil & Gas sector.

If your project requires Inspectors that are Aramco approved we have an extensive network with various equipment approvals.

The SQS team are extremely knowledgeable on the coordination required for Aramco Projects.

Inspectors are experienced in shutdowns and detailed reporting on refurbishment requirements.

To see recent Oil and Gas Projects that SQS have worked on please see our project page.

Sample of our FPSO Experience –

  • Searose FPSO
  • CWLH Redevelopment
  • Pyrenees development FPSO
  • Mutineer/Exeter FPSO
  • Su Tu Den FPSO
  • Cidade de Caraguatatuba FPSO
  • FPSO Cidade de ITAGUAI
  • Terra Nova FPSO
  • Agbami FPSO
  • White Rose FPSO
  • Bonga FPSO
  • Frade FPSO

The success is measured by clients choosing SQS because of their belief in us and our ability to meet/exceed expectations in quality, service, and price.

This is why we have customers that have been with us since 1991.

SQS have developed a unique approach and set exceptionally high standards.  This includes 24/7, 365 days a year availability supported with their bespoke management system.

For further information as to how we can assist your project please go to our contact page and get in touch with one of our offices.


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