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Mission & Values

Our Mission Statement and Values

Our Mission

As a specialist & market leader of Inspection, Expediting and SQS Quality Assurance our mission is to constantly deliver high quality service and competitive price.
Our success is measured by clients choosing SQS because of their belief in our ability to meet/exceed their expectations in quality, service and price.
SQS continual focus is to be recognised as a leader adding value to clients’ businesses by helping them achieve their goals of quality and safety.

Our Values

As a company of individuals we value our clients and projects we work on, ensuring:

• Honesty, Integrity and Dedication at all times.
• Commitment, Responsibility and Enthusiasm driving projects forward.
• Ensure we deliver exceptional service, value and quality in all we do, on time and in full.
• Promote a safe, happy valued employee environment whilst nurturing experience, industry knowledge and skill development.

Above and Beyond Practices:

• Our code of conduct and code of ethics policy assist us in maintaining our reputation for the above  values.
• Client satisfaction is paramount to SQS and we believe it is important to assist the project teams in every way we can.
• Project support 24/7 365 days a year, continuous contact and access for urgent action taking.
• Bespoke Management System ‘SMARTER’ allowing quick easy access to client information dedicated to their business management with us.
• Drive to constantly deliver innovative solutions for our clients’ needs even before they realise they need them!
• Extensive industry knowledge and expertise built to ensure quality and competitively priced services are always delivered.
• Identify potential areas of concern early and ensure we report as detailed in our reporting standards.
• Respect and treat anyone we work with in the same manner we would wish to be treated.
• Encourage a thriving, forward thinking mentality that nurtures positiveness and respect in the workplace and beyond.

ISO 9001:2015 ISO UKAS

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